Organizing Your Finances Helps Ease Estate Planning & Prevents Fraud – Chris’ Weekly Brunch

Organizing Your Finances Helps Ease Estate Planning & Prevents Fraud

Many of you have a mom or an uncle who puts their money in 15 different banks racing around to get the best CD rate. The difficulty in this is the near impossibility of keeping track of things like ownership and beneficiaries.

Often these accounts don’t have beneficiaries, and if they do,  it’s difficult to update them and make estate planning adjustments. Imagine going to 15 banks and 15 different sets of paperwork to change who gets what at death.

That’s why organizing your finances, whether it’s with an online tool like Mint or EMX (what I use with my clients) or simply by owning all one’s assets in one trust for simplicity, makes sense.

Ease of tracking means it’s easier to prevent and detect fraud. I discuss this a bit in my weekly brunch video below.

Market Update September 8, 2015

things are still brewing in markets as it looks certainly like the trend change in markets is real. The trend change from bullish to neutral to slightly bearish has been developing since may of this year. The tone changed from bullish to neutral around then, and turned bearish with the nasty August break in the US markets.

Lets see how it progresses. I cover this briefly in this week’s video also. Enjoy!

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