Make Sure You Watch Boone Pickins

I will follow up more later, but T. Boone Pickins, a long time oil expert and someone who has made billions in the natural resource business (basically someone you should listen to) commented about the state of the commodities markets, especially oil and natural gas. he also touched on energy independence and amusingly, commented on the candidates energy policies. Here’s what he said specifically:

About Obama’s biofuels plan: it is “no plan.”

About Clinton’s $60 dollar oil idea and controls: “she’ll never see $60 dollar oil.”

Concerning energy policy in general: “they don’t know anything about it. They got to get INFORMED (emphasis mine).”

Interestingly, he advocates using the wind corridor coming down the center of the US. Here is the CNBC Link:


Bottom line, it amazes me (well actually it doesn’t) that uninformed voters vote for “uninformed” candidates. Some of these ideas do sound more like far-fetched masters theses than they do workable ideas. Can you believe that we have great global thinkers such as Jim Rogers and Boone Pickins, readily available for consultation to our government and they don’t even ask. They choose instead “smart” people with fancy degrees to create policy “ideas.” Gosh, even if they invited these men in for private comments (and maybe they do, they just don’t listen) , the education would be good.

[Editor’s note (6.17.08): apparently they are now inviting Pickins to talk – read this article HERE ]

Sorry to pick on the Dems, there are many equally “uninformed” Republicans. However, the attitude of these candidates is disturbing to me – the air of superiority and arrogance I sense from them on interviews is sickening (see the Jack Welch / Obama conversation on Kudlow & Co. for a textbook case of arrogance). I have strong opinions but like to think I can listen to an opposite view and have a constructive conversation. I’m not sure many of these fellows are capable of that.

[Editor’s note: found this guy through a LinkedIn comment and he comments on the lack of basic economic knowledge in the USA: LINK  – now this guy talks my language. You can also see his blog here:  BLOG] 3.26.08;

Chris Grande


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