Another $3.5 Billion – “How We Doin’?”


I read the headlines yesterday morning and saw this article:

It made me think of (keeping with a theme this week) Howard Davidowitz’s response when asked his thoughts on the bailouts – to paraphrase: “we gave AIG 180 Billion – HOW WE DOIN’? Ehh? How we doin’?”

You see, government leaders don’t represent you (most of the time), they do what they think will 1. appease you, 2. keep their contributions coming, 3. take care of their friends, and/or 4. take care of themselves – but not you.

In light of that, I want you to try something:

On this New Year’s Eve, I wanted to take your attention to something that should be on your NY Resolutions list:

Get more knowledgeable! –¬† of not only what your government is doing (they are doing so much that the average working person can’t keep up – even Congress doesn’t have time to read all the crap they’re putting out), but also how these things work – don’t be an outsider to how your country runs – make a resolution to get more educated on how stuff works – how legislations gets introduced and passed, how the Federal Reserve operates and the effect of monetary policy, or check out government run health care or government coordinated health care¬† in various countries (Canada or UK) or states (MA) just to see for yourself how they’re actually doing rather than relying on the soundbite from the newsman or some opinionated blog (like mine:).