Monday Thoughts (on Tuesday Again!) – Discipline for Gov’t


I saw this article and thought it echoed some of my sentiments perfectly:

OC Register

In the article, he mentions how in boom times, it’s hard to stop the politicians from spending. But now that times are tough, these jokers have to cut back. It’s sad that it has to come to this, but the only way these people would ever stop spending would be for financial calamity such that we have.

Although I must repeat something I’ve said in a past article – I can’t blame these guys totally – we voted for them and we return them to office so either we are willingly rewarding their behavior or unknowingly rewarding it (for the record, I did not vote for any of these people –  and for the record, I wrote in Ron Paul 🙂 ). Either way, the politicians do what gets them re-elected (it’s so simple – if you’ve read Freakonomics, which discusses economic incentives, you’d understand this better).

On an unrelated note but concerning lying politicians also: here is an interesting article on MSNBC discussing the proposed idea by our beloved President to begin taxing some health benefits. Remember when he blasted John McCain’s suggestion along similar lines? I think we may have to rename our president President Janus. Read that article here:


What’s interesting is that McCain’s proposal would have really helped make insurance more portable. What burns me up though is that health insurance is not subject to payroll tax for employees but entrepreneurs DO have to pay payroll tax on health insurance premiums. No worries – we only created 74% of all new jobs in the US – don’t mind punishing us – keep it up – it’s these kind of economic policies that convince me that most people in charge are fools – or are we the fools for not standing up? Who knows…

Chris Grande