Scribd Review – 80 20 for the Vigorous Reader

This is review of the online book subscription service Scribd

Scribd is a great service for voracious readers. Much like Netflix and Spotify are or movie and music lovers. Scribd offers access to an enormous library of books and audiobooks for a monthly fee.

Scribd Offers 80/ 20 Cost Savings

Granted, Scribd previously offered unlimited books and audiobooks. Then a few months ago, they limited the audiobooks to one per month. And most recently limited subscribers to 3 books, 1 audiobook and unlimited reads from their “monthly selection” per month. I assume because of user growth and an unsustainable cost model. Indeed, this article claims that Scribd pays the full cost of a book when a subscriber reads it. That can get out of control considering the revenue is fixed per user. The monthly cost is $8.99.

Nonetheless, 4 total books a month for 9 bucks isn’t bad. Especially if you want new/timely offerings.

Amazon is the Obvious Competitor

Kindle Unlimited, from Amazon, offers unlimited books and audiobooks (listing “over 1M titles”) for 9.99/month. While Scribd claims to offer “millions” of options. So with Scribd, you get many more titles to choose from for a dollar less. With Amazon you get fewer titles but it’s truly unlimited.

Another competitor, Oyster was recently bought by Google to boost up their Google Play subscription offering.

All in all, it may be best to try both services’ free trials to scan titles to see which might be better for you.

Bottom Line: Successful People Read

However you choose, it is an 80/20 success solution for you to get a subscription service if you enjoy reading. Especially one with audiobooks. Which allows the awesome 80/20 activity of listening to an e-book while driving.

I have heard rumors that local libraries are doing a much better job of getting books. Especially with book sharing among towns. Therefore, if you’re really on a budget, or prefer actual paper, give that route a try! And thanks for reading my Scribd review.


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