Congressman Questions Obama’s Harsh Treatment Towards Honduras


I admit I was not informed much about exactly what happened in the ousting of former H0nduras president Manuel Zelaya. However, according to Congressman Jim DeMint, he was ousted because he was trying to usurp power and personally change the Honduran Constitution like Chavez did.

I am not sure still of the real story but Congressman DeMint questions why the Obama administration has restricted the travel visas of Honduran citizens and cut off support. Read his opinion here:

WSJ – Jim DeMint

if this is the case, does that mean that Obama prefers people who bypass due process and try to change laws without representative vote? I’m not sure but from what happens here in the US, where the goverment bails out companies, threatens to oppose controlling health care legislation, takes ownership stakes in private firms, picks economic winners and losers, and proposes a one touch kill switch on the internet (and FREE SPEECH – using Bushian rationale – for our “security”), I can see he does not support TRUE freedom, liberty and self determination here in the USA so it wouldn’t surprise me that a political leader trying to usurp power to control the people would draw his support.

And as for all of his attempts to ‘help me,” I am fine without government’s help – and I’m not interested in the cost of this help – to my wallet, freedom, and to my Constitution.

By the way, my Senator, John Kerry is on the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate. If after reading this you want to make a comment to him, here is his contact form:

Chris Grande