Fantastic MileIQ 80/20 App & Discussion with CPA Denise Yelvington

As promised, my full review of MileIQ 8020 tool extraordinaire!

In this video, I interview CPA Denise Yelvington and discuss the benefits of using the MileIQ app for your business mileage tracking.

It’s a textbook 80/20 tool as it basically does all of the tracking for you. You simply at the end of the week or month designate each drive you took as personal or business, add a note or two and you’re good!

It not only saves you time, but logs trips you might forget to log. For busy people, this app could put money back in your pocket as well as cut down the time to track mileage tremendously.

MileIQ 8020 Productivity Tool Discussion Video with CPA Denise:

Below find the video time outline and links to help you.

0:00 intro and why Denise likes it
2:10 medical mileage deduction
3:10 old style of logging vs auto benefits;
4:15 electronic record keeping benefits in audits
6:50 who is responsible for accurate tax records, you or your tax preparer?
8:05 best candidate for using this app?
9:24 Medical Mileage
9:42 Uber Driver Benefits
10:15 2017 Mileage Rate Discussion
12:05 App cost
12:15 Denise’s MileIQ discount Code 20% off
12:54 What does IRS want in a written mileage log? And the benefits of Mile IQ
13:56 A high return 80/20 tool
15:45 One problem to look out for when using the app

Links to help you:


Denise Yelvington’s bio:

Denise’s Mile IQ discount code for 20% off:

2017 IRS Notice on standard mileage rates:

IRS Publication 463:

Thanks for watching. Remember to 80/20 Your Money (and your entire life!)