Chris’ Quality of Life Video Update

Welcome back this month to my latest video update! As always, my goal is to progress you on the path to a higher Quality of Life (QOL) using 80/20 principles.

This month’s video covers a wide range of topics:

  • A Health Success Story – my Neighbor!
  • A Book Suggestion: Mastery
  • Upcoming Seminars – Downsizing, Constructing a Retirement Income Portfolio, Asset Protection, and more
  • Retirement Expenses in Focus – Often More Important than Income and Savings
  • What We’re Up to In the Office this Month – Tax Forecasts
  • The Effect of Elections on Markets

Here’s the video and below I’ve written a summary.

80/20 Health Success – Kick Dairy

My neighbor Jack had been experiencing breathing troubles and weakness. And I’ve watched him for almost a year suffer day to day. To be straightforward with you, he looked terrible. With this in mind, I talked to him one day about 3 weeks ago and asked him what was going on. “I’ve tried everything, the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I asked him if he tried exploring his diet. And I asked him if he consumed dairy.

“I have a glass of milk every morning.” He said. I told him to consider ditching dairy and to consider an elimination diet. He said “you know my nephew is an MD and he told me the same thing.” So I mentioned eating a basic diet of rice, sweet potatoes, bananas and such and run the idea by his nephew and doctor. I saw Jack again about a week later. “How are you feeling?” I asked. “I feel great!” he said. “Wow” I replied (I wasn’t expecting him to do it and also not expecting fast results). I said “if you keep it up you can avoid joint pains and more when you dump dairy.” He said “I had what I thought was arthritis and it was gone in 2 days.”

Wow 2 days to knock out arthritic pains he thought he’s had for a long time. Furthermore, his breathing and health are better. TWO DAYS WOW!

Further Study: Video: John McDougall MD on Arthritis

Book Suggestion – Mastery

Mastery by George Leonard 80/20 book

Mastery by George Leonard

One of my mentors whom I respect greatly said Mastery by George Leonard is one of the best books he’s read. So I went online and grabbed a copy. I haven’t started it yet (It came in the mail yesterday) but it comes strongly recommended and if you’d like to read it with me, please join!

The key line is:

“Mastery is the mysterious process during which what is at first difficult becomes progressively easier and more pleasurable through practice.”

Further reading: someone uploaded a free PDF of this book here:

Upcoming Seminars

Here are the dates of my upcoming seminars (more may be added, contact me if you need an up to the minute list) with a focus on quality of life and delegating 80/20 style your money worries to a pro:

Basic Estate Planning & Financial Planning

Wednesday October 19, 2016
Watertown Council on Aging
31 Marshall Street Watertown, MA

Legal Planning and Asset Protection
Thursday November 10, 2016
Bedford Council on Aging
12 Mudge Way Bedford, MA

Constructing a Retirement Income Portfolio

November 16, 2016
Watertown Council on Aging
31 Marshall St Watertown MA

Downsize Your Home, Upsize Your Life  
Friday December 9, 2016
Beech Street Center
80 Beech St Belmont, MA

To RSVP, use my contact form HERE and just tell me which program you’d like to join!

Want Retirement Quality of Life? Retirement Expenses in Focus

We often focus on our assets and income in retirement. But for many, it’s more important to focus on liabilities  on your “Household Balance Sheet” and by that I mean the total amount of money you will spend during retirement.

Getting your hands around that figure, and finding ways to control expenses on things like:

  • regular household expenses
  • utilities
  • insurances
  • taxes

Can go a long way to making your retirement stress free and fun! Here’s an article I wrote on this a few years ago that offers much more detail on this topic:

Cutting Expenses Just as (or More) Important as Investment Growth for Retirement

What We’re Up to This Month – Tax Forecasts

Tax forecasts, as a strategy, can be super helpful. But for some they can also be tedious. And oftentimes, people don’t do something that’s tedious. That’s where we come in. For our full service client community, a tax forecast analysis is part of our process.

This is happening behind the scenes and is a deliverable that encompasses some of the checkpoints on our internal 100+ point checklist. Again it’s all about our clients’ Quality of Life – we worry about this stuff so they don’t have to.

Markets and Presidential Elections

Worrying about presidential politics (unless it’s your job) is not an 80/20 activity. It’s 20/80. And it’s exactly what media outlets want you to focus on to consume their media and watch their ads.

That being said, if you are curious, I discuss the idea that, who gets in the White House does not affect markets much. But that there exists an eery recent trend that, once a 2nd term is up, bad things happen in the markets. For more watch my video and for an interesting article on this, read this from Kiplingers:

how presidential elections affect the stock market

Thank you for watching my video and/or reading my post. By the way, If you have questions, or you’re interested in a financial life coach that can help you accomplish an 80/20 lifestyle, Contact me here: