More People Seeking Careers in Asia


As I have mentioned many times previously on this blog, and every time I talk in front of students at my alma mater (Tufts) regarding jobs, the real opportunities, that come from macro growth, are in Asia and the developing world (Brazil, Eastern Europe, Turkey).

A New York Times article highlights this:

The trend is still small though picking up steam. However, as America increasingly becomes a bunch of mindless TV watchers waiting for their next government handout (sorry, when you extend unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks, it is no longer unemployment – it’s WELFARE  -99 weeks is also enough time to pick up an associate’s degree), overburdening our already bankrupt country, our remaining productive people will flee the coming crippling taxes to dynamic, growing, low tax havens such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, and Brazil (yes “socialist” Brazil’s taxes in many ways are lower than ours).

We have a lot to be scared about – most people in other countries speak 2 languages or more – work harder in school, and generally desire to work to make their lives better. By the way, if your children spend the whole day playing video games, and you justify it with the excuse that their hand-eye coordination is improving, you may need to rethink. Their coordination may become even better when they can’t find a job.