Jim Rogers Speaks Again – Bailout is a “Disaster”

Jim Rogers, one of my favorite “smart people” to listen to, was on Bloomberg this morning:

Jim Rogers on Bloomberg (click the video link to the right of the news story)

As many of you may know, Jim is not a fan of government bailouts and he certainly predicted the current Freddie/Fannie disaster. He, along with Marc Faber, and Bill Fleckenstein all believe that Alan Greenspan is the chief culprit of most of this mess.

According to these fellows, we are only in the 3rd inning or so if this financial mess and all three of them are short financial stocks and long gold (I know this from their recent comments and interviews though their positions might have changed by the time you read this).

Good luck out there with your money.

Chris Grande

7.14.08 – Happy Bastille Day!
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