You’re Responsible for YOU


Some decent macro data likely boosted the markets today though with that said, we must all understand that the global economy is one big game at the moment. Countries, companies and agencies lying about such things as net asset value (banks), where their cash went (MF Global), how committed they are to budgeting smartly (all of the developed world), there is no inflation (central bankers) and other baloney.

So what to do? You’re on your own – understand that first – you are on your own. if you have a pension, maybe it’s underfunded (maybe extraordinarily underfunded). If you have a job, maybe  you won’t soon. Maybe a robot can do what you do. If you have investments, maybe the company is lying. Do you know who’s responsible for all of this? YOU – not government, not ratings agencies, not other people. Stop deferring responsibility to others, especially others you don’t pay. If you’re paying a fee, you expect decent counsel and help but if you’re  not, why do you expect anything? Do you pay a fee to Moody’s? Then why do you trust your bond value verity to them?

Start thinking for yourself and if you have to, hire counselors that work for you (not someone else – like your politician, who in case you didn’t notice, doesn’t work for you). You will feel much better.


Everything was up today except a few things (one of which I own, annoying!) So let’s not pick it apart. A few areas had dropped slightly for a couple of days like a few dividend stocks and today they snapped back a bit.

Precious metals didn’t move as much as stocks – perhaps the thought that we might have growth without more monetary stimulus (which is a continuous thing now – it never stopped) meant buy stocks but not metals so much.

Many charts are now 5% or more from their move off the bottom, so if you plan to buy, you should be prepared to stomach a correction back to that line or figure out some other entry/exit point that keeps you from selling indiscriminately. In other words, have your plan in place.

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