Disputing Billing Mistakes

Did you ever have a charge show up on your credit card that you didn’t think was correct?

Me too. Had one a couple of months ago. Received a letter from the vendor telling me that I owed a bill on some educational materials I ordered. Apparently, the intro material I ordered came with follow on materials that I could review, which I never

source: Tax Credits on Flickr


So I did what we should do – I called, got the explanation on the follow on materials (which I never received, so I couldn’t review and I couldn’t decide to keep or send them back), explained to them that I didn’t receive the materials (UPS said it was delivered but I would know if I got them), and will follow up with them after some research on their part.

The call was professional, I was honest, and the conversation went well. Let’s see what happens. And if this happens to you, do the same:

  • follow up
  • do some research so that your phone conversation discusses facts
  • listen to their side
  • if you’re wrong, take care of it and if you’re right take care of it
  • be prepared to write supporting letters if the situation turns confrontational and they try to report you to a credit agency
  • also, be prepared for a positive and healthy resolution to the situation

Hope this helps!