Groupon Featured in Investors Business Daily


I had ┬ájust mentioned the other day and lo and behold, they are featured in an article in Investors Business Daily HERE. Groupon is a great example of the technology incest which I find most interesting – the president of Groupon was formerly an exec with Yahoo then founded Sidestep (which was bought out by according to IBD). The CEO of the company previously founded The Point which led to Groupon. The company is already profitable, with millions in revenue, and recently attracted over $100M in venture funding.

If you are curious about the strange phenomenon known as technology incest, and if you are of an entrepreneurial bend, or enjoy reading about it, then I would recommend you start your reading with the Paypal founders – which are informally known as the “Paypal Mafia” as their exploits have stretched across many subsequent firms. Former Paypal founders have started subsequent large companies and invested in very successful ideas including Facebook. You can read about them here in this Fortune article or here in this wikipedia write up.

Are you starting a company? I’d enjoy hearing your story…