Lithium Ion Batteries and 230 Miles to the Gallon!


I discussed A123 Systems, the lithium battery maker, in past columns when I was complaining about our country’s and government’s attitude towards capable immigrants. I also highlighted them when GM (“Government Motors”), bailed out with taxpayer dollars, chose a South Korean battery maker for their new Volt electric vehicle instead of home grown A123 (Watertown, MA and now Livonia, MI also).

Anyway, I thought I would alert you to a couple of interesting recent news stories in this field.

1. A neat article from Investors Business Daily on the Volt and the state of the industry of lithium batteries and electric cars HERE.

2. An article describing the recent initial public offering of A123 Systems stock which debuted on the Nasdaq this past Thursday HERE

3. Here is more about A123 from their company website HERE. You can find articles regarding their competition with LG Chem, the giant South Korean company, as to who would supply GM the lithium battery for their new Volt electric vehicle.

You can also see my old articles regarding A123 by using the search (I would love to get people to use my search box – search for anything! I have now written over 200 articles, blurbs, and notes since starting my site 18 months ago).

By the way, I am not recommending any action on A123 Systems regarding investing in their stock. I have no opinion on them as an investment, and as a non-commercial, non-specific advice site, I won’t ever give advice on any particular investment and tell you to buy/sell/hold. You have to make those decisions for yourself!

Keep educated and informed! Your elected officials count on your ignorance to keep them in office:)

Chris Grande