The Health Care Bill is Unconstitutional


Excellent Constitutional argument against government-mandated health insurance in today’s Wall Street Journal:

WSJ – Opinion

I love this argument and in the comments section of the Wall Street Journal, some people make great additional points. One of my favorites is:

“Physicians are taught that any competent adult can refuse medical treatment, if this is so, how then can this same individual be compelled to pay for medical coverage?”

This is true – I can refuse medical treatment and die if I wish (or stay injured). But Daddy O says no! (I mentioned our “Daddy” before). The Federal government can not force citizens to BUY something. This crap will be challenged Constitutionally and LOSE as it should.

Tell me – do you think government should be able to force you to:

1. buy insurance? how about some other ideas such as forcing you to…

2. lose weight?

3. live in a certain city?

4. eat only corn and pork?

I know I’m getting silly but if you stay asleep at the wheel and allow government to force you to do one thing, they can do ANYTHING.

Think about it – why are these politicians forcing this through without reading the bill, without careful deliberation, and thought? You likely spend 15 minutes putting together a shopping list to go spend 100 dollars. You likely spend 6 months planning a wedding that cost $25,000, and maybe you spend 6 weeks planning a vacation that will cost $3,000 – these people spent very little time on a health care bill that will cost  $2 TRILLION (in the spirit of Massachusett’s “Big Dig” let’s double the official number AT LEAST).

They know it’s all BS that’s why – the only ones who come out ahead are HMO and drug companies that will gain 30 million new forced customers and higher premiums for all as more elective, politically correct procedures are mandated to be covered.