Monday Thoughts: Jim Rogers Shares Some Beauties


Hey everyone, since my last post on December 7, I took a trip to Mexico for a wedding so I apologize for my lack of writing – I was enjoying weather in the mid 80’s and super-fresh fruit. I will soon  share a picture or two and my impressions of the parts of Mexico I visited.

Anyway, while I was gone, Yahoo Finance interviewed Jim Rogers and I will link those here:

In this video, Jim discusses the strengthening dollar and his prediction that we are “overdue” for serious a currency crisis in the near future:

In this video, Jim discusses how politicians have historically screwed things up financially then blame someone else. His thoughts on Obama: “6 years ago Mr. Obama was a community organizer. he doesn’t know anything about all of this. He is listening to the people around him. he doesn’t know any better.”

And, “the idea that you can solve the problem of too much debt and too much consumption with more consumption and more debt is unbelievable. I can’t believe adults are saying this.” “We are doing the Japanese model.” Also,  “The job of the Federal Reserve is to take the punchbowl away just as the party gets (too hot)”. Obviously neither Greenspan nor Helicopter Ben did this.

Regarding the Federal Reserve and the move to audit the fed : “You are audited, the Red Cross is audited, the church is audited…even the US government is audited…it would be the only institution in the world that I know that doesn’t expect to be audited.”

And finally, Jim discussing his joy – his two daughters and passion in life and career selection:

Enjoy it all this is excellent learning – if you think maturely. Jim is direct and his experience offers a lot to learn from.

Chris Grande