Ron Paul Explains the Truth

In a day when a known tax evader is interviewing to head the IRS (Tim Geithner,  the Treasury Secretary designate – the Treasury Secretary is the ultimate boss at the IRS; and what was all that blabbing during the Pallin selection about vetting people properly?), it was refreshing to read an article by Ron Paul, pretty much the only Congressman who knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t run around paranoid about bailing out banks:

Ron Paul

See here’s my problem with most people – you don’t like the bailouts, you don’t like the government waste, but you KEEP VOTING for the SAME IDIOTS year after year. Why do you do this? As they say, you get the government you deserve. Sorry I’m still on my “irritated” streak from last week:). You must like it though you sadist, or you wouldn’t be reading my stuff still!


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