Death of Dith Pran

I just wanted to drop a quick note on the death of Dith Pran, the journalist on whose account of the killing in Cambodia the movie “Killing Fields” was based.

I am thankful for all the freedoms we have here in the USA and each time I read a story such as his, I appreciate our country even more. I caution any of my readers to be very wary of government control of any part of our lives that is not truly necessary. I have railed against government health care, and control of economic forces.

I oppose any move in the direction of overreaching government influence. If you feel complacent about this, read stories such as Mr Pran’s or of the millions of Vietnamese that were killed or painfully “reeducated” by communist forces after we left (I am most amused when I see a young student wearing a Ho Chi Min shirt – the fool doesn’t know that Ho targeted people just like him, college educated folks, for reeducation and termination) how they feel about government ‘influence.’

Anyway, read the story of Mr. Pran here:

Pran Story

Good night!

Chris Grande