Ron Paul Has REAL Integrity and Character


“He hasn’t bombed Iran yet,” says Ron Paul, when asked to assess the best and worst characteristics of President Barack Obama’s six months in office.

“The worst thing is he is probably still thinking about it.”

Obama, Paul told POLITICO during a sit-down in his office this week, “has talked a little better than his action, but he has already expanded [the number of troops] in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He became the peace candidate: ‘Yeah, we’re going to end that war in Iraq.’ But it’s not sincere. I don’t think they had any intention, never did.”

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Ron Paul is one of the few political leaders with integrity and character. One way you can tell is as he says in the following article, he is not chair of any committees or such and can’t offer favors to anyone. In a recent article, Congressman Paul discussed some of his consistent issues and the recent “attention” he has been getting due to his prescience and prudent philosophy:

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I am reminded of an interesting conversation I had 3 months ago. I was having dinner with a couple of young people who were formerly in a youth program I worked for. One of the fellows was very excited to point out that Obama promised he would end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home. I looked in his face and said “Are you kidding? He will simply re-divert all those troops to Afghanistan and no one will come home. Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial Complex in his farewell address. No one listens.”

he was visibly shocked and a quite disheartened at my comment, and the subsequent support my argument got from the other person sitting there.  He did not believe that is how it would turn out, but his expression also revealed that in the back of his mind, he knew that the scenario I pointed out was VERY possible. So I don’t blame this young guy for his innocence in  his getting caught up in the Obama hype – The President is the kind of charming, populist, smooth-talking, slickster that attracts many younger voters. It should surprise no one, however, where we are now. with military efforts expanding (indiscriminate bombings in Pakistan, war in Afghanistan) and attempts to push a MASSIVE $1.5 trillion health care bill through in 3 weeks (I run a very small business and I plan for more than 3 weeks on most things). Folks, you know the type of people that go into politics. Do you think they can “solve” our health care problems in 3 weeks? If you do then please run down and vote to reelect your congressman early – don’t wait.

And by the way, Obama’s (and the Dems’) popularity will stay up as long as the blame Bush excuse works – and I’m sure his people hope  it lasts until November of 2010. And never fear, the Repubs will likely come back with extra hubrus and mess it up for themselves again too.

By the way, perhaps you saw the announced proposal to increase the size of the US Army to reduce the strain of overseas deployment. Our world empire streak continues – who else can we invade?

By the way, Ron Paul attracted people of all ages, including many younger voters, through his focus on American ideals of liberty and free will – and he is certainly not a slick speaker:), he focused on serious issues.  He is, as of right now, the only politician I trust. Perhaps more are trustworthy, I haven’t vetted them all though. If you’d like to see what Ron Paul is up to,  including his efforts on HR1207 to AUDIT the FED, check out his website:

Chris Grande