Elderly Criminals Leading the Trend?

An article I read this morning on Bloomberg reminded me of a prediction I have been making. And I think it’s an obvious one – about something that will surely rise in a bad stock market/bad economy situation. And I am not talking about any investment – I’m talking about something that isn’t discussed much when economic times are good: Crime. Yes crime will rise.

As the economy worsens, many will turn to criminal activities to “supplement” their income. Teens who can’t find work will invade the yuppie neighborhoods and robbery will increase. City living will become less attractive as the rich stay locked up in their luxury hightowers with their doormen. Shoplifting will increase, and certainly the more benign but typical “stealing on the job” will increase as people look for any way to help their budget.

The article I was reading talked of all things about Japanese senior citizens who have been turning to pick pocketing and shoplifting to make up for poor pensions (folks don’t depend on a government pension – save your own money).  Read the article here:


Watch crime statistics going forward…

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