Monday Thoughts – Interesting “On the Other Hand” Analysis of Toyota’s Problems


Granted I don’t know much about auto engineering or the current investigations, but I figured there was more to the story than what we are seeing in regards to Toyota. Here is an interesting, concise counterpoint to the headlines that we are reading to think about on this issue:


The author analyzes the number of claims based on total miles driven by Toyotas (which is very high as they are a top selling brand). The incidents/miles ratio is rather low. Also, something I noticed before – the brake components are manufactured by CTS (Yahoo Finance – CTS) – an American company (based in Indiana). We haven’t heard much from them nor have they been dragged in front of the cameras.

Considering the track record of politicians, it would not surprise me if they were trying to help boost sales at Government Motors (GM) and it wouldn’t surprise me if GM were whispering in the ear of certain Congressmen. Treasury did hand GM $60 billion and interfered with the legal bankruptcy claims of many bond holders – and certainly it would not look good if that $60 billion truly did go down the drain when the government put money into that cadaver of a company.

Again, I don’t know much about engineering nor do I have details of the investigations so I present this article and information only for your further discussion – but it never hurts to hear a counter-argument.Read the article and see what you think…