Pickens’ Natural Gas Plan-NBC Says “NO!”

Boone Pickens’ last 2 ads have focused on the natural gas component of his energy independence plan. Basically, his plan consists of using natural gas (of which we have abundant quantities in this country) as a bridge to get us off foreign oil dependence until other technologies become more widespread and/or developed – technologies such as his wind farm idea for central USA.

His latest ad points out something that if true, is VERY troubling: Iran is attempting to shift its local consumption of fuel to natural gas so they can sell their $120+/barrel oil to fools like us.

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Apparently, NBC won’t run this ad (according to a Pickens’ email) due to the fact that he says “we (USA) haven’t done a thing (about our energy problems and using natural gas)” and that this statement is not proven (I don’t think we’ve done much, how about you?).

If this is true, then it would be sad if Iran jumped on this before we did. We have so much “nasty” gas in this country that we could create tons of jobs and lots of new tax revenue (using existing tax rules – not punishing companies with foolish surtaxes). Let’s hope some smart things happen in terms of energy use. And using an American source of energy that is actually cheaper and cleaner than oil/gas as a bridge until wind/solar/hydro/geothermal/nuclear energy become more mainstream seems smart to me…what do you think – should we consider Pickens’ strategy?

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