Overnight Market Getting Shellacked – Weekly Brunch 8/23/15

Market Getting Bombed in the Overnight Session

Here is this week’s update. I was a bit busy this weekend and could not get my full newsletter out along with all of the little touches like ducks dancing to the Irish fiddle etc.

So this video is simply  market update, but with US stock futures falling 2.5%  overnight (as of 133AM – I do expect some kind of rally), I thought I’d get this update out to my readers asap:

Will the Market Bounce – How to Play?

Right now, it’s time to go slow and keep an even keel. We’re short some stuff and long boring dividend payers like real estate, utility type stocks and bonds. We also added gold a couple of weeks back – a starter position as gold is still in a long term downtrend.

But the short term is looking interesting.

We will look to add gold at the right times. As far as increasing shorts, we will keep what we have. We will tighten stops. And we will wait for another chance to short more. I expect a rally, likely off of some soothing words from a Federal Reserve official. Then a resumption down.

This might play out over weeks or a few months or days – who knows. The situation is fluid. So I will be fluid too!

Note – I don’t know you so when you watch my videos or read my stuff, remember I am not your advisor so please consult with an advisor who knows you well for advice on these matters.

80/20 Your Life – Chris’ Weekly Brunch

80/20 Your ENTIRE LIFE. My latest weekly video blog is here!

  • I cover 80/20 your life – Make it happen.
  • Market Update – the muted effects of the Chinese Yuan revaluation, stocks going nowhere, what to look for
  • Losing 20 lbs in 3 months and improving all my “vitals” following the longest lived people in the world

Check out the video here which features some awesome Irish fiddle music from Eilis Crean one of the few masters of the East galway Music Tradition (Links below):

Richard Koch and Perry Marshall have helped me see that we can 80/20 everything. It’s amazing – I had always just equated 80/20 to economics and finances (e.g. 80% of taxes are paid by 20% of taxpayers) and just it at that. It’s so much more – applying it to my personal life, my daily activities, and how I think and learn.

Starches Not Fat

I also highlight a great documentary, Forks over Knives, which features a few of the nutrition experts I have followed over the years. I was bad for a while, eating too much fat and a bit too much sugar – and I was stagnating. I got back to eating high starch meals and the fat just fell off. Here’s T Colin Campbell, author of The China Study with more:



Irish Fiddle Music

lastly, check out the great Irish fiddle music featured in my video above. Eilis Crean is one of the standard bearers for the East Galway Irish Music Tradition. There are only 6 masters in the world in this tradition.

80/20 Resource links mentioned in the video:

Living the 80/20 Way

Perry Marshall

Forks Over Knives

The Irish Gift

Interested in ways to 80/20 your life through your finances? When your money is congruent with your values, you achieve more and live life more fully. Learn more about living your values HERE.

Market Strategy – Holdings, Targets, Tactics July 10-12, 2015

Market Strategy Update – Video Outline

Here is a quick market update on what I am looking at, considering and strategizing on.

Please share your comments and feedback please!

Key Topics

I cover the down gap in the S&P index last week (which was subsequently filled this week on low volume). I also point out some strategic targets.

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Financial Planning for Young People – What Exactly Does That Mean?

What is financial planning for young people?

Is it finding the best investments? Is it dealing with a generationally low interest rate environment? Is it overpaying for a crappy house?

Much of the mainstream media equates financial planning for young people with choosing the right website. There are numerous investment websites to choose from now.

Should you focus then on finding the right investment website?

But I argue that is not what you should focus on. You should be thinking about comprehensive financial planning. Investment allocation should be third or fourth. Not first. Why? Watch my video for more:

cc’ed on my corporate site walnuthilladvisorsllc.com.

4 Ways to Prepare for the Next Market Crash

Are you Prepared?

it seems to be a regular cycle for many of us to see a market crash every 5-6 years with some Federal Reserve induced stock rallies in between. We had a run up in the 90s with cheap margin debt (the Fed’s purview) and bailouts of people that should’ve been financially punished (LTCM),  helped by a hot ‘n bothered investor class going ga ga over tech stocks.

Then we had a huge crash. Then the Fed inflated a housing bubble with 1% interest rates and no regulation of the mortgage industry, to pump up the economy and people went ga ga over flipping houses then that crashed.

Today, It’s More of the Same – Recipe for a Crash

Now we have had the Fed keeping interest rates at 0% for 6 years, and printing 3.6 trillion dollars to keep mortgage rates low and companies and governments issuings gobs of cheap debt to spend more money indiscriminately or to buy back inflated company stock. The debt bubble may be a big part of the next market crash as Puerto Rico and Greece teach the world that “NO you don’t have to pay back that debt,” which sends shudders to  G7 central bankers and governments. How will this end? Who knows, but don’t you want to be prepared?

How can you prepare for the next big boom? Check out my article “4 Ways to Prepare for Next Market Crash” from my LinkedIn blogroll:

4 Ways to Prepare for the Next Market Crash

Charting the Next Market Crash

When is there risk of a market crash?