Did You Take that Second Chance the Market gave You?

via the ChrisGrande.com Newsletter. Focus: when the market gives a second chance to fix portfolio errors.

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for being readers! I wanted to cover 3 topics this week.

First, we got a lovely thank you note from FriendshipWorks‘ Executive Director Janet Seckel-Cerrotti. She thanked us for the contribution to their work in helping lonely seniors needing companionship and help.

market gives a second chance

Second my 4th quarter WHA client newsletter is up. You can read that by clicking HERE.

Third, echoing my newsletter from August 31. I recommended that if people felt nervous, then a market rally  (when the market gives a second chance) was the time to reallocate and reduce risk. Not when the market’s crashing.

I posted an article about having a Second Chance to Clean Up Your Portfolio I shared a conversational VIDEO with you (link) on the same topic.

market gives a second chance to clean up your portfolio

If the Market Gives A Second Chance

I bring this up because we may get another bounce after this month’s relentless drop in the market. And we may NOT. If the market gives a second chance, don’t sit around hoping for idiotic buy the dippers to bail you out. I’d recommend action.

Note: the scenario I’ve outlined for over 18 months is finally starting to happen. I’ve outlined that in many videos but the summary is:

  1. The economy is weaker than people think (check)
  2. Market will fall when the majority figures this out (check)
  3. Fed will have to reverse course on raising rates
  4. Market will initially rally then fall hard
  5. Gold will benefit from the expected unprecedented stimulus that follows

Market Update Video

By the way, I shot another video Friday. After last week’s horrid market performance I shot a quick chart analysis of the US stock market. Here it is below.

Also I plan to post another video soon, likely after tomorrow’s market to see if a bounce may be in the works – a bounce that gives those of you not positioned a chance to reallocate to safety.

Market Update Video:

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