Use Options to Play India?

Bloomberg put out an interesting article (to me at least) about JP Morgan recommending using options to play India’s stock market. A glance at the charts of India ETFs show that India has really been falling since 2011 with the latest swoon going from an attempted rally around the new year to a drop of ~25% since.

With the currency falling and the business environment as difficult for outsiders as it’s always been, along with an overall weakness in other Asian stock markets, the fall in India’s stocks could continue. However, playing it with options may not be a bad idea. I will take a few minutes this AM (that’s all I need to see if I want to spend more time researching) to see if it is something I personally could take advantage of. As of now, who knows.

Do you have any comment on this? feel free to share below as I’d enjoy hearing others’ opinions.