Random Monday Thoughts

Just looking at the US stock indices hanging out at the same level for a few days here and can’t help but think a few things…

is this a short rest (flag) to launch higher from? Or are the pros selling (including starting short positions) to the influx of retail investors?

Could LinkedIn become the Apple of 2013 (the one stock every hedge fund goes long)? If so too bad I didn’t buy it!

In the short term, it would seem that precious metals would rise on the days stocks drop (if people are selling, perhaps some think the stimulus isn’t enough and therefore we need more); but it almost seems like they need that mid 1970s scare drop to reset the whole bull move or the contra position, this global stimulus barrage makes things truly better for a while longer and PM’s just keep selling off?

What is really going on inside the financial arteries of Europe?

Will China make a major currency move this year?

Will the Yen fall rest for a while to allow another currency to take the lead in fiat money devaluation?

That’s what I have for now…more thoughts will pop in from time to time…what is mulling around in your mind?

PS I own the following positions mentioned above: precious metals