SOPA – the “Copy Chinese Internet Policy Act of 2012”

I publicly express my desire to see the proposed bill PIPA/SOPA scuttled. What is SOPA and why do I oppose it? Watch the below video for more, but it is a draconian bill giving the government the right to shut off websites and order internet companies to block links. It also could make simple, innocent acts a crime. The main targets are pirated videos and music but the law goes well beyond that (don’t they always?).

However, many of these issues are already covered under current copyright laws. I’m guessing Congress is bored again and looking for silly ways to pass time and appease certain funding sources (Hollywood lobby?).

Please refer to this video for an explanation of what SOPA, a bill sponsored by Senator Lamar Alexander who according to one article, the senator himself used a photo without credit (a violation of his own bill!).

Here’s an article explaining how website owners can participate in the Jan 18 internet blackout (along with websites like Wikipedia): ZD Net Article.