Big Earning Hedge Fund Manager Having a Bad Year

Following up my post about hedge fund managers having a rough time this year, here is a story about John Paulson. Paulson is best known for earning almost $4 billion betting against housing, subprime lending etc in 2007 and 2008. His fund switched to investing in gold, gold stocks and bank stocks among other investments.

John Paulson

Unfortunately, when you earn almost $4B, you also earn much more scrutiny. One of his funds was down over 34% year to date through November:

November brings More Losses for John Paulson (from Institutional Investor Magazine)

More on Paulson giving a $4M donation as atonement for losing clients’ money and having his “worst’ year: Business Insider

What do you think? Should we cut him some slack and let him enjoy his past victories a bit longer or slam him for an awful 2011? Comment below…