Boomers – Feelin’ Young at 60

A fun article from the East Oregonian recently highlighted some interesting facts about how some boomers are approaching life past 60:

East Oregonian – “Boomers Say 60 Isn’t That Old”

Are you having fun after 60?

Good tidbits from the article include:

“In my 20s, I would have thought the 60s were bad, but they’re not so bad at all,” says 64-year-old Lynn Brown, a retired legal assistant and grandmother of 11 living near Phoenix in Apache Junction, Ariz.

A strong majority of baby boomers are enthusiastic about some perks of aging — watching their children or grandchildren grow up, doing more with friends and family and getting time for favorite activities. About half say they’re highly excited about retirement. And boomers most frequently offered the wisdom and knowledge accumulated over their lives as the best thing about getting older.

“My own parents, by the time they were 65 to 70, were very, very inactive and very much old in their minds,” says Brown. So they “sat around the house and didn’t go anywhere.”

“I have no intentions of sitting around the house,” says Brown, whose hobbies include motorcycle rides with her husband. “I’m enjoying being a senior citizen more than my parents did.”

There are more quotables in the article, so check it out!

And if you’re over 60 or approaching 60, feel free to share your thoughts here in the comment box.