10 “Toughest” States for Retirees – It’s Your Fault!

Interesting, in their article, AARP lists 10 states who mostly have severe and very well-publicized budget problems (New Jersey, Wisconsin, California, Rhode Island) or have foreclosure problems (Nevada).

AARP lists “high taxes” ¬†or “high property taxes” as the reason that retirees should avoid New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Connecticut. And look, seems like many of the same states with public union compensation disputes. AARP also points out that CT taxes social security, says New York has “very high taxes” and says New Jersey has the “highest taxes in the United States.” Hmmm, can’t balance a budget with the highest taxes in the whole country? Hmmmmm

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Goes to show you that government is a beast – an ungrateful beast, that will devour more and more of your money and more and more you wonder where the heck it goes!

It’s Your Fault

Who funded the Iraq invasion? YOU. Who funds pension double dipping? YOU. Who funds full time politicians who still take bribes and kickbacks? YOU. Who’s elected representative reappointed Ben Bernanke so he could devalue the dollar, causing imports, including oil and food to shoot up in price? YOU. Who’s elected officials created the enormous national debt? YOURS. Because YOU are passive, you lose money. Because YOU are passive, your kids will be paying this debt off with enormous taxes and drastically cut services for years.

Don’t blame government – your elected reps are doing EXACTLY what they think they need to for you to re-elect them. Congratulations!

And for those of us who didn’t vote for tweedledee or tweedledum, perhaps there is a state or two left that won’t bankrupt us in taxes that we can escape to.

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