John Stossel Getting His Own TV Show


This is great news! In the past I referenced John Stossel’s excellent report on health care in America on 20/20 – which was an insightful analysis of the many different angles of the health care debate (including single payer, HMO, consumer driven, work based, etc).  He was not getting enough time at ABC to do the kind of analysis that he is excellent at doing, so Fox offered him his own show and more time.

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Yes Fox TV has a Republican bias (in my opinion, it’s not so much a conservative bias but more of a big Republican party bias, with neo-con elements), but John Stossel is a true libertarian conservative, which allows him to see through the muck much better. As a note, ABC/NBC/CBS have a big Democrat party bias which is just as bad as many of Fox’s biased Republican broadcasters. I know many of my liberal – or let’s call ’em Big Dem – friends say they see NO bias on network TV (many Big Dem people on TV say the same thing as my personal friends about network TV) but that’s like a white guy telling a back man there is no racism in the US because he hasn’t seen any (both laughable claims to anyone who looks honestly). In my opinion, when you blend in, you don’t notice the truth too well.

So with all the partisan stuff said, if you would like a fresh look at things, watch John Stossell’s health care discussion which angered some of his coworkers and enlightened millons:

Stossel – Youtube – Whose Body Is It Anyway?

Then, keep posted on Fox News website to find out when John will be on their schedule.

Chris Grande