Exactly Why Our Immigration Policy Will Kill Us

Some time ago, I wrote an article titled “Sorry Billy but Punjab is not Stealing YOUR Job” In it, I stressed the point that immigration IS a big source of growth for our country. I was reading an article about an exciting battery company based in Watertown, MA called A123 Systems.
Before I continue, please do me a favor – read the article and note the founder’s name on the bottom:

Article on A123 Systems

If you notice, his name is Yet Ming Chiang and I’ll guess he’s from China. Notice his name is NOT Billy Smith from Michigan. Nothing against you Billy if you’re out there, but I need to continue to dispel this silly notion that ambitious, smart immigrants from China, India or wherever are going to steal jobs from some 40 hour-per-week guy at GM.

Notice also how many people Mr Chiang employs –  1,160!!! Let’s imagine an alternative scenario – Mr Chiang can’t get a work visa here in the US because some whiner is bitching to his senator about the number of immigrants in the USA. He finishes his program at MIT (where he went to do research) and goes back to China. He instead employs 1,160 employees in China and we lose out on a new company, 1,160 jobs, tax revenue, and growth.

This would have been a loss for our country. And sorry, but I don’t think the cranks calling for limited immigration are usually the ones who are taking advantage of the USA and starting companies. They ARE pretty good at whining though – a skill that will surely be improved by many looking for excuses in this economy as they lose their jobs…sorry just ranting folks…

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