Watch for the Next Leg Down (Plus Fleck on video)

I hope that the numerous videos of Marc Faber, Jimmy Rogers, and Bill Fleckenstein that I have paraded in front of you on my site here helped you avoid this calamitous stock market.

If, however, you simply read or watched, said “oh my” and then did nothing, then you really must have paid for your inaction. As of yesterday, the market as measured by the S&P 500 Index was down almost 19% for 2008 – how about that! Nonetheless, if you think that is the end, then you’ve got another thing coming. There is a high possibility that……sometime in the few weeks or months, the market could spill. Seeing that the housing market excesses caused a lot of the pain we are going through, and that house prices could fall another 20-30%, don’t be surprised if the market fell another 20%+. What’s interesting, being in my business, is the group of people that only see their 401(k) balances when they get their statements. You know, there are a whole bunch of people that don’t look online at their balances – they literally ‘old school’ it and wait for their statements.


No doubt it will be painful – just watch your coworkers, the ones who don’t look and see what happens. It’s been a few years since this happened, but I am sure some friends will call and ask worriedly about what to do.

Folks, you need to have a plan. You might want to ask me, what should you be doing? Well, you need to have a plan and a purpose for what you are doing. You know, blind investing is easy in markets that go up and up for 25 years – but when times get rough, what seemed easy is revealed not to be so. Think about what you can handle, reassess your risk tolerance, understand why you own the investments you own and if something doesn’t make sense, take corrective action.

By the way, see Bill Fleckenstein on TV here for some insights to help you think:

Fleckenstein CNBC appearanceĀ  (he appears a minute or so into the 6 minute video)


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