We Overestimate the Short Term, and Underestimate the Long Term – focus: John Quincy Adams

My book of the summer inspired by a recent “epiphany” of mine. The well known phrase “we overestimate what we can do in the short term, but underestimate what we can do long term” really nailed me about 2-3 months ago.

Don’t Underestimate the Long Term!

I have become a different person because of it. And it brought to mind John Quincy Adams – a champion of long term thinking! He had to be after th humiliation of presidential defeat. He:

  • failed in a bid for a 2nd presidential term when all of his predecessors (except his father) won re-election to a 2nd term
  • he fought against slavery despite death threats and character attacks
  • he ran for Congress and won – served 17 years – but in the beginning he was ridiculed
  • never gave up and began to relish his role and enjoy the challenge.

And I have come to realize that the long term, isn’t necessarily that long! See my 2nd video below where I discuss a school principal who turned around the worst school in her district in 3 years.

Here’s my video and find links to a good summer read:

Book recommendation:

The Life and Times of Congressman John Quincy Adams by Leonard Richards

Bonus Video – The Long Term Doesn’t Have to be That Long!


Hope you find this helpful!