September 2, 2016 Video Update

Medicare Open Enrollment, Interest Rates, Figuring Out Disability Insurance, and More!

Join me for my latest video update. I have been lax in getting my videos to my blog so if you’re here, check out my Youtube Channel for updates you might have missed and to subscribe to the videos directly here:

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Here is the video and find a timeline below:


0:00 Introduction

1:06: Medicare Open Enrollment

CMS Link:…

Medford, MA Council on Aging…

Lindsay Quillen, MSW, LCSW – Medicare Specialist

3:00 Markets, Auto Loans, Rates etc

USA Today Article on average car loan term… mortgage rate recent history:

4:52 Rates, Gold, Stocks and more markets

8:45 Rate expectations and market fragility

10:52 Disability Insurance Tips

15:34 Close

Thanks for watching.

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