Ian Bremmer at Tufts – Audio Coming Soon

I listened to an excellent talk by Ian Bremmer last week at Tufts. if you don’t know, he runs the Eurasia Group and is an expert on foreign affairs and international diplomacy. I recorded the talk and will try to get that up soon.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I recommend you listen when I upload it!

2015-03-25 Chris with Ian Bremmer

Poor Ian caught imperfectly in this photo. I’ll blame the undergrad that took the photo but couldn’t wait to get me out of the way to chat with Ian.



On a side note, was bummed to find that I could not record it using the SoundCloud app. Apparently they changed their mission sometime in the past and just play music by artists, but my iPhone app wouldn’t record. I used Evernote and will have to figure out how to get that audio file to a player!