Nigel Farage – All That Matters is “the Dream”

“Just like with communism before, it doesn’t matter how many millions of people that suffer, all that matters is ‘the dream of a united Europe'”

~Nigel Farage

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Me: I’m still amazed after countless examples of the failure of government, people still want more of it. Europe is an example of government that tries to “take care of” everybody. What is the result? As Margaret Thatcher said of socialism, “the problem…is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

The answer from our economists, college professors and other ‘educated folk?’

Continue to Borrow and Print. . Let’s spend, borrow more, and print. Simply genius.

Eventually, discipline will come to the USA from the bond and currency markets. The problem with borrowing and printing is that it “works” until it doesn’t. At that point the problem is irreversibly and infinitely larger than it would have been if we just took our proper medicine in 2008.