Interested in Starting Up a Business and Looking for Startup Events?

I wanted to make you aware of a great resource for start-up entrepreneurs in the Boston area:

Greenhorn Connect

What is it? From their About page:

Greenhorn Connect’s mission is to help build connections within the Boston entrepreneur ecosystem through increased awareness of opportunities. The web portal connects Boston startups and enthusiasts with the many resources, events and jobs in the region as well as educational and informational content. The Greenhorn team is passionate about the Boston startup scene and is committed to helping build a more vibrant and integrated startup ecosystem. is your destination for discovering Boston’s innovation community.

Why we built this:

Greenhorn Connect (@GreenhornBoston) is the product of the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs trying to learn from and connect with the resources, organizations and events available in the city of Boston. What you see now is the beginning of our vision for a dynamic site for not just events and organizations in Boston, but additional resources and opportunities tailored for the needs of entrepreneurs everywhere.


This is a community site. Anyone can join and contribute. Please explore the site and consider commenting on an organization you’ve worked with or if you know of something we haven’t listed yet for one of our categories, please add it (we’ve made it quick and easy!). If you have any ideas or feedback for improving the site, please let us know bysubmitting your thoughts. Thanks!

They even post their top 10 list of start up events each month. Here’s June 2011’s list: Top 10 Startup Events

Please see if Greenhorn Connect can help you develop your business or even find a career with an exciting startup!

Also you can follow GC  on Twitter here: Twitter/GreenhornBoston




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