Using Podcasts to Boost Your Business Marketing

From Skooloflife blog:

Srinivas Rao put together this helpful outline of why podcasts can help your business grow and he includes the insights of some successful web marketers. I am hoping that putting this here helps some of you grow your business (remember my past articles about “going on the offense” and “making it happen”).

My Take on Multimedia Outreach

I know I plan to use more multimedia on my sites to help educate – also, I can help people in less time to get the information they need to move forward if I use video. It’s easier to watch and listen than it is to read sometimes, especially if your mind is moving too fast at work – you might be at video speed not reading speed in your mind.

Therefore, if you want to communicate in a way that meshes with the high speed that your readers are moving during their workday, consider more interactive media such as a podcast that can be listened to in the car, or a video that can be watched over lunch.

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