The NYC Nomad – Ed’s Crazy Adventure (Does Tufts Know About This?)


Ed Casabian, a fine fellow Tufts grad, whom I met maybe 5 or 6 years ago at a senior event (I was speaking to graduating seniors about something – probably finance who knows), has a crazy idea – which he asked everyone he knew to publicize and I am only getting around to it now due to my lack of responsibility (sorry Ed) – from his website:

The Goal:
To spend a week in as many New York City neighborhoods as possible

Maybe you can help Ed out – either you have extra space in NYC to house Ed for a week, with a bonus of being featured on his blog, or you know someone that you could refer to Ed for the same service. If so or if you’re just curious, go to Ed’s site and see what he’s up to. I know one of my long time readers, Tim, whom I refer to sometimes as “The Unabomber” for his unique style of hooded sweatshirts, has NYC connections.

The NYC Nomad