Thinking About Goals


I’ve been in San Francisco now since June 30 – and will be here until August 7. I must say I have enjoyed my time here as I always do and appreciate very much having this as my “second home.” But it’s not all fun and games when I come here (even though people ask me how my “vacation” is going all the time!).

When I arrived here on the night of June 30, I had a plan to accomplish some goals – 11 to be exact. 4 were business related, 3, were related to investment management and 4 were personal/other interests. One of those goals was to get in shape – specifically to continue my plan which I started beginning of June – to be in shape to run a 10k race by mid August.

To accomplish this goal, I have enlisted the help of This excellent website with a simple interface allows me to easily track my running/walking/training progress along with my daily meal intake. And of course, they also have an iPhone App to make portable tracking easy.

dailyburn app for iPhone

I highly recommend this site as it has helped me stay accountable, in an easy way, because it’s right there on my computer (and now on my mobile) which makes tracking easy to do and hard to forget.

A nice side effect of tracking what I eat (dailyburn has most foods in their database, no need to manually enter food stats) has been that I think more about the calorie content of what I eat – which means I eat less calorie intensive food so I can eat MORE – and also, it motivates me to run and walk since it gives me more calories to burn and more I can eat!

Try it out:!

PS – I have accomplished 6 out of 11 goals already, am close on another 4, and need to work hard to make sure #11 gets done! How is your summer going? Any big goals? Feel free to leave a comment!