Even More Howard – “Obama Worst President in My Lifetime”


Howard Davidowitz says it and I agree…

Some points from this great interview:

On inheriting a bad economy:

Ok blame Bush on the excessive spending, “I think Bush was a disaster…Obama was given a bad hand. How come we don’t we have a ¬†budget for the United States of America (this year)?”

“We are going broke – Medicare, Medicaid…and he (Obama) added another program based on… numbers that were a fraud.”

“We’re doing NOTHING about ANYTHING!”

On Afghanistan:

“I was in the (US) Army…in 4 months I qualified for 8 weapons…we’ve been training the Afghanis for SEVEN years…what’s going on now?…(Afghans) are stealing our money! (see WSJ article on $3B of stolen funds).”

On the BP spill:

“Obama sat in his office for 50 days and didn’t call the president of BP”

Comparing Jimmy Carter to Obama:

“Carter wasn’t as confident…” He feels Obama is much more confident in his wrong ideas than Carter was in his…” (this is a great point – Carter had terrible ideas but so lacked confidence that he lost support, but Obama comes across super confidently – which makes people think he knows what he’s talking about – but his ideas are just as bad).

See the video here: