Predicting the Wall in Germany 70 Years Before


I just read this interesting summary of the 19th century book “Pictures of a Socialist Future” by Eugene Richter  on the website and it made me interested in buying this book – read here:

Mises – Pictures of a Socialist Future

Here is an excerpt from the review:

What inspired Richter to make these grim — yet uncannily accurate — predictions about the “socialistic future”? The most plausible hypothesis is that Richter personally knew the leading socialists from the German Reichstag, and saw them for what they were. I submit that he repeatedly peppered the socialists with unpleasant hypotheticals, from “Under socialism, who will take out the garbage?” to “What will you do if skilled workers flee the country?” When socialist politicians responded with hysteria and evasion, Richter drew the natural inference: “If this is how these ‘idealists’ deal with critical questions before they have power, just imagine how they’ll deal with critical actions after they have power!”

If you enjoy history and economics, this seems to be a worthwhile read – in fact, it’s always enjoyable to read the work of someone who can visualize the future with a solid analysis of current events. This is why you see so many Marc Faber videos on my website!


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