Well Water Rights Questioned in Texas


For those who derive their water from wells, this case is of interest to you. Currently in Texas, a farm owner is disputing a Texas law that controls their right to tap water underground – in fact whether that water belongs to them at all:

Summary at Pacific Legal Foundation

Court CaseThe Edwards Aquifer Authority v Day

For those of you who do use wells, and like your water freedom, you may be well served to ensure that your elected officials are of the property rights variety. There is a strong movement in the US that in bits and pieces, is undermining the long held common law property rights that we enjoy in the US – and which protect us as individuals and allow us to settle and invest in our homes. Imagine if you weren’t sure if your land were really yours – would you spend a lot to build a home on that land? Maybe you’d just park a mobile home there. And what if your civil liberties were compromised by law, restricting your rights on your own property, how free and safe would you feel?

Property rights are a pillar of our freedom – make sure yours are protected. Review the current landscape of property rights in your city and state and get involved if necessary.

PS – read about another property rights case in Florida that is questioning private property rights here:

Volokh – this is equally disturbing as Florida tries to take property rights in a “maneuver.”