Apartment Owners Installing Electric Vehicle Plugs


Multifamily property owners are starting to install electric vehicle charge stations on site to accommodate the increasing number of tenants who will own electric vehicles such as Government Motors’ (GM) Volt (had to throw that jab in there):

MHN News

Increasingly, we have more single people who want to live in low maintenance housing (nice apartments) and these folks will desire a convenient place to charge their cars. It may provide additional revenue to the building owner at the expense of local gas stations (long term short – gas station operators in younger hip cities like San Francisco and Seattle?). This also sounds quite convenient! Imagine coming home and your car is recharged in the AM ready to go out again.

Side Note

As mentioned in previous articles, electric vehicle use isĀ  also good for energy independence but will likely be slightly detrimental to environmental interests since over 50% of US electricity comes from coal power stations (can you hear McCain screaming “Clean Coal technology!!!”? – hehe not sure that exists). It will mean increased revenue for electric companies too – along with the resource providers to them – including natural gas, coal, etc.