Average SF Municipal Employee Earns 93K – BEFORE Benefits


What the heck am I doing trying to run a business? I mean, why work hard, risk failure, pay rent for an office, fees and licenses, when I can make 100k with the city?

The average city worker salary in San Francisco is $93,000 before benefits, according to Deputy City Controller Monique Zmuda. The data take into account everyone from park gardeners and street cleaners to attorneys and technology specialists.

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Average SF Municipal Employee Earns 93K

This line of thinking – that people should stop working so hard and just get a government job – will only increase as government, with higher regulations, taxes, and expenses, motivates more people to quit trying and just get on the dole – either as a government employee or as they say in Italy, a pensionata – either through a “disability’ or some other means. We could also experience a skill flight – which we are already experiencing as fewer ambitious immigrants come to the US.

Interesting timing as a follow up to yesterday’s video eh?