RE: Constitutional Rights – Bush & Obama = SAME


I read this article regarding the NSA’s eavesdropping program and immediately thought about a dinner with friends that I enjoyed about a year ago.

I remember the conversation because it was so pertinent to the point of the article – that Daddy O is no different from P. Bushie (I like giving people nicknames, especially if they are appropriate). I was having dinner with two friends and we were discussing the election and the effects of President Obama’s (daddy O!) election on the level of our military involvement overseas, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. One of my dinner companions, an idealistic recent college graduate, was very excited about the winding down of troop presence in Iraq (and Afghanistan) and about the possibility of a less aggressive use of our military. My other friend and I laughed at him – I believe at the time I said…

“He’ll (Obama) just take some troops out of Iraq and put then in Afghanistan. No one is coming home, this isn’t ending.”

“Why not?” my friend asked…I then explained how it really works in the US, how the military and various defense contractors know how to lobby for more “defense” spending and about President Eisenhower’s warning about the Military Industrial Complex and its insatiable appetite for funds and activity. I was actually a little surprised to see a look on my friend’s face of  genuine disappointment. Apparently, like many college students, he was living in an idealized unrealistic world on campus.

Remember that Obama campaigned on reversing many of the actions of the Bush administration which appeared to go against Constitutional rights – chief among them being Guantanamo detainees being held without rights (as the issue was debated regarding whether they were prisoners of war or criminals – either way this was the biggest issue lumped into the whole ‘trampling civil liberties’ argument against Bush).

Now we are hearing Eisenhower’s words again as the MIC takes over yet another President. This President apparently likes the same big brother control that P. Bushie liked – trying to keep many of the unconstitutional powers of the previous administration INTACT, despite rejection by multiple judges. Read the article here for more color:

NSA Eavesdropping Program

Bottom line – democrats and republicans do not differ much in their approach these days. Maybe your taxes will be a little higher with the dems but in both cases, you will see more and more of your personal liberties erode and at the same time, you will see deficit spending continue to erode your wealth (through dollar depreciation  – imagine paying $10 for a box of cereal 10 years from you – will your paycheck double in 10 years too???)

What can you do? I’d recommend buying precious metals as a hedge against Greece-like problems here in the future and going to the Campaign for Liberty site to get educated on your rights and to find liberty supporting candidates to support in elections.