Jesse Ventura Investigates Climate Change Conspiracies – Video


Jesse Ventura has a new TV show focusing on ‘conspiracies’ and one of his recent topics was global warming. In the show he gets credible evidence and it is recommended that he talk to 3 leading scientists who don’t believe the whole global warming story – an MIT researcher, a scientist hiding in the jungle for his life (so the show says) and another fellow who never sits still and travels (perhaps also for safety?).

The point is that money and power are behind this whole push (he makes a good point – think of all the “green” products you buy at double the cost of “non-green” products, and the whole ‘carbon credit’ gimmick – who’s going to get that cash? US Senators so they can enjoy more steaks at the Capital Grille on my dime? Al Gore so he can make a few more million? No thanks…

Again, I don’t know much about this stuff but the velocity and force with which it is being rammed down my throat makes me think there is some kind of ruse going on. And there is a solid money trail – watch the video and decide for yourself. I do enjoy Ventura and his efforts – he is very libertarian and doesn’t trust government (the founders created the Constitution in such a way to protect us from power usurpers because they KNEW you can’t ever trust any government) which is the angle I tend to lean (though I know many people don’t fall into this camp- they’d prefer to be my (and your) second daddy like our President ‘Daddy O’ as I call him – he wants to control everyone’s behavior whether it’s in making financial decisions as I’ve discussed here many times, or in disregarding the Constitution (in collusion with Congress) – but thanks, anyway I tell them, I already have a dad).

Video 1 of 6 (see the other 5 parts after you go to this video by clicking the video):