Do You Really Want a Job?


Hey everyone -from the desk in San Francisco here. I hope you are all doing well. A trend that has been going on, with a brief 2008 interruption due to the economic uncertainty last year, is back running:

The massive need for skilled workers in Australia and Canada.

And you could benefit from this. See in those countries, as opposed to ours, they allow companies who want to build things like natural gas processing plants and mines to extract necessities such as copper, to actually follow through and develop these projects.

As a result, there is huge demand in those countries for skilled labor (or labour as our UK and former UK countries would call it). This Bloomberg article highlights the shortage and 40% salary premiums being offered to develop and LNG plant off of Australia’s west coast which will help satisfy the need for energy in Asia:


What many Americans don’t know is that we have ENORMOUS supplies of natural gas in the US and could substantially offset foreign oil usage by converting more of our economy to using our own natural gas – not to mention the THOUSANDS of jobs that would need to be filled – skilled jobs such as plumbers, pipe fitters, welders, engineers and all other kinds of skilled labor.

But we don’t want that – cleaner energy, energy independence, and jobs – nahhh who wants those things? 😉 However, If you do need work, consider working overseas – you might actually get a good experience in life and make A LOT more money. My uncle has done this for years and he loves it (he might be in Singapore now).

Chris Grande