Monday Thoughts – Considering Living in a Smaller City


I was reading this interesting feature article:

Yahoo Finance Article

on Yahoo Finance about “America’s Coolest Small Towns” and it reminded me of advice I often give to people: consider moving outside of  (but not too far) from a big city.

Let me list a few reasons to consider it:

1. cleaner air

2. more freedom

3. get in touch with nature

Now, how about some financial reasons:

4. control inflation by using solar electricity

5. control heating costs by having an open space floor plan and a powerful wood stove

6. control water bill inflation by using well water

7. have a garden and avoid paying high “organic” prices at the store

And for some security reasons:

8. Be well outside a terrorist attack area

9. reduce chances of being mugged, attacked etc

I’m a big fan of the financial benefits of being somewhat in the country – at least have an escape. Believe me, when prices start increasing, you may wish you considered it (what am I saying, prices already increase rapidly!).

Chris Grande